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Unlock Your Healthy Habits at Greystone in Cochrane

The 6 simple reasons that this new home community could be your ultimate health boost.

Kids plunge underwater into the pools at Cochrane's popular rec centre.
Kids plunge underwater into the pools at Cochrane's popular rec centre, the Spray Lake Sawmills Center (SLS Centre).

Explorers on the hunt for a home will also find one of Alberta’s largest rec centers is steps away.

Hockey moms and dads, active kiddos, and weekend warriors are just a few of the people who come through the Spray Lake Sawmills Center (SLS Centre) doors, Alberta’s largest facility of its kind.

The wellness wonderland is the top perk in the community of Greystone in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Cochrane, Alberta.

SLS Centre welcomes over 1.5 million guests annually, in its sprawling, bright and modern 325,000 sq. ft. multi-functional space with everything from ice to sport courts, training rooms and a huge watery playground.

A hockey goalie prepares for a shot on net at an amateur hockey game.
The Spray Lake Sawmills Center (SLS Centre) grew from its set of its original hockey rinks, and has since expanded to a multi-sport facility that's one of the largest and most popular in Alberta.

The high use is a testimony to the healthy mindset shared by Cochrane residents, said Erin Wagner, CEO of SLS Centre because it is impossible to imagine that a town of just 36,000 people can keep every corner of the enormous facility hopping with activity.

One reason, says Wagner, is it’s not just a sports facility. It’s a hub for community events.

For example, the facility can accommodate celebrations like annual high school graduations, which brought 1,500 people to the grad ceremony and 800 guests to the banquet.

The facility is also teaming with hockey and ringette players attending over 30 tournaments annually. And past problems with finding hotel rooms for tournaments are poised to be erased: Out-of-town visitors were usually scrambling to rooms in Cochrane, but they’ll soon see relief with the handy addition of a hotel across the street in Greystone. Visiting teams can rest up for their big games and find dining and shopping at Greystone’s entertainment area.

Greystone is the optimal new home community for families who are tired of being trapped indoors with nothing to do.

Every day, the SLS Center’s classes give locals dozens of reasons to return, with day camps, weekend birthday parties and events bringing families and friends together.

Greystone residents can put their couch potato days on permanent hold because there are activities for everyone, whether it's an early morning workout, an impromptu youth night, or a quick splash after work with the kids.

“We know Cochrane obviously values wellness, and without a doubt, residents are very active with their high utilization of this facility and their love of the outdoors. People also choose Cochrane for its proximity to the mountains.”

“The space meets the needs of the growing community. You won’t find a facility of this kind in every town of 36,000 people,” said Wagner, adding that they’re eager to welcome the new families who will be living blocks away from the rec center in Greystone.

Are you curious about what might happen to your body and mind if you choose to live steps from one of the sportiest places in Alberta?

A woman completes a squat in a weight training room.
Facilities for all ages include a weight room and fitness classes at Spray Lake Sawmills Center (SLS Centre) steps away from Greystone of Cochrane.

Here are six things you need to know about living at Greystone, with a wellness wonderland at your door:

1. Your Personal Playground

With one of Alberta's largest rec center’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away, the SLS Centre can be your wellness oasis. "It’s a destination for people to come to partake in physical, mental, and social wellness,” says Erin Wagner, CEO of SLS Centre. Whether your little ones are budding athletes, you're a die-hard sports fan, or you're simply looking to stay fit and fabulous, you will find social connections and be among like-minded people of the community while you dive into swimming, training, hockey, ringette, court sports, and more.

2. Active Kiddos Get Away From Screens

Parents of energetic little explorers, discover your saving grace. Your hub for youth sports serves up good nights of sleep after the junior members of your household burn energy on its courts, ice and in its pools. Say goodbye to restless boredom or excessive loafing in front of screens. Find endless active fun all year, right in your backyard.

3. Fit for All Ages – Bond in Healthy Competition

Even if you struggle to keep your commitment to perfect health, don’t worry. You’ll have a hard time finding excuses when you’re welcomed among the health enthusiasts at every fitness level. You can pop in for a workout with a near-zero commute. The Centre is a haven for all ages. "It can appeal at any time of day, age group, time of day, or sport or ability. No limit to what you can do here,” says Wagner. From swimming laps to challenging your teens on the ice or basketball court, there are dozens of ways to have fun while you boost your fitness levels, bond with friends, and accomplish new wellness goals. It's never too late to start on a journey to a healthier, happier you, and it’s always a good time to set an example for your family.

4. Age Gracefully – Stay Active, Stay Vibrant

Cochrane might be Alberta’s capital of aging gracefully. "We know without a doubt that Cochrane is a very active community," says Wagner. Engage in low-impact activities that keep you feeling young and vibrant. You'll find activities tailored to your needs from aqua aerobics to gentle yoga sessions. Embrace a lifestyle that celebrates every stage of life and surrounds you with like-minded individuals who know that staying active is the secret to happiness and a sharp mind.

5. Value and Affordability – A Win-Win for Everyone

Health matters, but so does your budget. Affordability is key to creating a truly community-focused facility, says Wagner, adding, "We are offering a value proposition that is hard to beat." With memberships that are a steal compared to a night at the movies, you're getting access to a whole lot of adventure for your hard-earned money. Keeping wholesome family fun affordable makes wellness accessible to all, she says.

6. Next-Level Convenience – Your Home, Your Adventure

Picture this: You wake up, stretch, and stroll over to the SLS Centre. No commuting, no hassle, just convenience. Living in Greystone means your daily adventure is at your doorstep. “We’re excited about the Greystone community's proximity to the center, and absolutely foresee a high use from residents within walking distance.”

A family warms up for a group exercise class.
Health matters, but so does your budget. Affordability is key to creating a truly community-focused facility that's poised to draw homebuyers to nearby Greystone.


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