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High Fashion Towns: Celebrity Designer Unveiled for "Anything But Typical" Interiors at Greystone

What is better than an HGTV-worthy new home interior and all its creature comforts?

How about saving on every designer upgrade and an interior overflowing with personality?

How about ALSO saving time and decision headaches involved in choosing your coordinated interior?

A new lineup of townhomes in the community of Greystone in downtown Cochrane promises to include premium fashion finishes and easy choosing, created through a partnership with a “secret weapon” in interior design working with Rohit Group of Companies.

Celebrity designer Louis Duncan-He is Rohit’s latest talent hired to bring a set of memorably unique, but timelessly classic interior choices for buyers eyeing brand-new townhomes. He took on the challenge to create “anything but your typical suburban home” said Ashley Buchannan, field sales manager at Rohit Group of Companies.

Introducing Celebrity Designer Louis Duncan-He’s Signature Style

Design followers already recognize Duncan-He as an award-winning, internationally-published designer and decorator whose interior work is found in the pages of magazines such as Style at Home, House & Home, Western Living and Architectural Digest, and featured on HGTV. Greystone of Cochrane residents will get included with the purchase price of their Rohit-built home, one of three variations of his signature style, without the hassle of endless design decisions or a ballooning upgrade total.

“Most of our buyers will admit they don’t have the skill set to make their homes look like a magazine. We take care of that. They pick one of the packages, and everything changes with it and belongs in a style group they know coordinates perfectly,” said Buchannan.

The Calgary-based builder is known for its trendsetting standard interiors. In Greystone of Cochrane, the company landed the big name to increase its reputation for fashion-forward style in its homes.

A Fashion-Forward Aesthetic Without the Hassle of Endless Design Decisions

Homebuyers will get a layered-looking interior that challenges the uninspired “blank canvas” normally found in builder-grade finishing, which requires a hefty budget to upgrade or personalize after move-in. Instead, standard packages are full of head-turning details, coordinated for exceptional taste.

Packages will transform every finishing option in their home into a statement. Focal points will be created with dramatic light fixtures, plain walls are made over with wallpaper features, and design longevity will be found in cabinet hues that are ahead of the next trend, instead of a repeat of a style that’s been done to death, and therefore near the end of its design lifecycle.

Curated Packages for Exceptional Taste and Coordinated Style

Rohit’s strategy to deliver designer style means homebuyers save on the builders’ volume purchase, versus overpaying on individual “splurge” items that eat up their design budget. They don’t have to feel forced to compromise elsewhere in the home to afford it or sacrifice the continuity of the esthetic to cut costs. Every plan includes a chosen style type throughout the home.

Rohit’s launch of their Greystone townhomes features designer Duncan-He’s new trio of curated design styles: Ethereal Zen, Neoclassical Revival, and Haute Contemporary.

Buyers can experience the styles firsthand at a planned show home. They were created to appeal to a range of buyers without feeling bland or safe. A clean and modern-leaning purchaser will discover a perfect option, and so will a warm-and-classic-loving homeowner. A daring customer who desires high design in a moody colour palette complete with dark herringbone flooring will be delighted with their option.

“We are looking to offer homes that are aspirational looking, at an affordable and attainable price point. Affordability has always been an issue, but Rohit has done a tremendous job to pass cost savings of our interior finishing purchases onto our homebuyers,” said Buchannan.

Streamline the Homebuying Process and Get Quick Home Possessions with Rohit’s Custom App

Meanwhile, Rohit’s focus on pre-built homes means move-ins are one of the fastest on the block. Buyers who are too busy to wait for answers at in-person booked meetings can speed up communication and time spent researching their decision because nearly every answer regarding Rohit’s plans, home inventory, potential move-in dates, locations, prices, photos is instantly accessible and transparent via their custom Rohit app. Buyers can sign purchase agreements virtually, which most prefer, said Buchannan.

“Our customers are busy people, and we are trying to streamline the homebuying process. While there are a lot of decisions, our buyers are looking for there to be not a lot of work in that decision,” she said.

Experience Connection and Walkability in Downtown Cochrane’s Greystone Community

Buchannan expects that the existing residents of Cochrane will be among the first to put down deposits on properties because Greystone is a highly anticipated community. It offers a rare departure from your traditional suburban community carved out of former farmlands, she said. Instead, it provides what many buyers are craving: the instant feeling of connection and walkability only found in inner-city neighbourhoods.

“I believe Greystone is going to become an important lifestyle choice for homebuyers. People are looking to add to their life and to be able to walk to the river, walk to amenities, and walk to recreation facilities. I think that when you choose to live in the heart of downtown Cochrane, you are embracing the best of a small-town lifestyle,” explained Buchannan.

She notes that people who live in Cochrane are “rabid fans of Cochrane,” meaning they have an intense pride in the town and take joy in their identity within it.

“In the heart of the town, you can become a more vibrant and important part of the community. You are engaged with the businesses more. You are using the same shops and services daily or weekly. People at your favourite coffee shop are going to know who you are, for example,” she said.

Luxury style and easy prices in the $500,000 range

Rohit’s two home styles include a 1,627 sq. ft. three-bedroom, single-family home with a back lane where residents will access their off-street parking. The plan includes a spacious feel within its large open living and dining areas. Its 2 ½ baths include a big principal bedroom ensuite featuring both a deep bath and a shower.

Their other set of options can be found in two back-to-front duplex plans, a variation from traditional side-by-side attached homes. Here each owner’s door is either on the street side or at the rear. The larger layout in the Landon model is 1,565 sq. ft. and features a front-attached garage. Inside you’ll find three bedrooms, a flex room on the top floor that could be a workout space, a kids' play space or a home office. Its basement is ready for future development to expand the living space from its open main floor. Rohit’s second duplex option in its Tallo plan measures a roomy 1,457 sq. ft. It features an exceptionally functional and efficient kitchen modelled after a chef’s ideal workspace. The rear entry features a foyer with a closet while the main floor offers a spacious feel in its great-room-style living and dining areas. Flexible living space near bedrooms upstairs is found in an 8 ft.-by-8 ft. loft that will be handy for a homework station or work-from-home space.

Home shoppers can download the Rohit app to their mobile devices to view inventory and connect with team members for questions. Or you can check out to register your email for notifications regarding Greystone’s showhome opening.


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