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Save on Your Home and Save a Pet’s Life with O'CASA Homes

Affordable Living in Cochrane with a Heartwarming Twist

Imagine a home that offers a sanctuary for you and your family and extends its warmth to abandoned pets needing love. O'CASA Homes are pioneering an initiative in Cochrane’s Greystone community that’s as heartfelt as it is innovative.

"Every homebuyer loves the idea of a perfect life in their new home, which often includes a pet. We decided to help turn this dream into reality for our new homeowners by covering all adoption fees and initial costs for pets adopted from local humane societies," explains Anil Somaia, General Manager at O’CASA Homes. This initiative is not just about finding homes for animals; it's a commitment to reducing shelter overcrowding and ensuring a 100% success rate in pet adoptions.

New showhome coming

The builder broke ground on its “Libra” showhome in Greystone and will open it to visitors in late 2024. In the meantime, homebuyers can explore options online or contact sales personnel about the builder's models, which are expected to be priced under $800,000 at Greystone for models ranging from 1,900 to 2,300 sq. ft.

Somaia said covering adoption fees aims to reduce the number of pets in shelters and improve the quality of life for pets and their new families.

Adopt, don't shop

He developed a personal interest in animal behaviour as a hobby, which later led him to obtain certification he puts into practice in his spare time for friends and volunteering at shelters.

“I've trained hundreds and hundreds of dogs," says Somaia, who worked in homebuilding for the last decade before launching O’CASA.  

A modern home by O'CASA featuring bright finishing. Explore O'CASA Homes in Cochrane for affordable, energy-efficient new homes designed with modern families in mind, offering smart home technology and a commitment to community and environmental sustainability
O'CASA builds well-appointed homes priced within reach, opening a new showhome in Cochrane's Greystone in 2024.

Sustainable options for EV Charging or Solar Capture

O'CASA Homes' customer experience extends beyond providing furry friends. Their homes are also built with sustainability at the forefront.

"We're offering any upgrade for energy savings at cost—such as solar panels and EV charging stations. We aim to help the environment while saving homeowners significant money on energy," Somaia says.

Sustainable features are frequently considered by homebuyers who want their purchase to benefit the environment and provide energy savings, but they can be ruled out in favour of other upgrades. The initial investment can be steep, admits Somaia, pushing a total home price out of reach for some. Additionally, it takes many years for the green features to pay off in energy savings.

However, if green features are priced at the builder's cost and installed at the time of construction, homeowners save half the price compared to if they choose to add the item later when retail prices and after-possession installation are factored in.  The offer enables families to recoup the investment quicker from energy savings.

How Do You Save Money on a New Home?

In today's economic climate, many families must stick to a budget when considering a new home. As a production builder, O’CASA ‘s processes provide affordability without sacrificing quality.

Standardized models enable trades teams to familiarize themselves quickly with plans and become more efficient, improving quality each time they build. Homeowners get a higher-quality home priced within reach. 

O'CASA Homes also pass on savings gained during quicker build times. Compared to custom builds, its build times are significantly shortened with efficiencies in scheduling. This means enormous carrying costs, such as high interest on builder loans, are not added. Depending on the length of the build timeframes, these can increase a home price by $20,000 to $80,000.

"Thanks to our refined building processes and the expertise of our teams, we can complete homes in six to nine months," Somaia says.

An elegant seating area in an O'CASA showhome. Explore O'CASA Homes in Cochrane for affordable, energy-efficient new homes designed with modern families in mind, offering smart home technology and a commitment to community and environmental sustainability
Explore O'CASA Homes in Cochrane for affordable, energy-efficient new homes designed with modern families in mind, offering smart home technology and a commitment to community and environmental sustainability
Problem-Solving Floorplans Designed for Modern Families

Homebuyers who build new are excited about creating spaces specific to their lifestyle and design preferences.

A design centre at O’CASA’s new head office enables purchasers to customize their interior finishes and achieve a personal design style with colours and materials of their choosing.

Floor plans are created to offer the most in-demand and practical features for a growing family on a budget.

An example is the upper floor layout, where the primary bedroom is separated from the kids’ rooms with a bonus room. It provides privacy for parents and creates a play or homework space away from the main floor functions,” explains Somaia.

Flexible living arrangements, such as optional suites with separate entries, are also in demand. “This is especially attractive to address the trend for adult children to live at home longer but want independence,” Somaia adds.

Prevent home damage with technology

Homebuyers will also receive a long list of high-end specifications, including cutting-edge technology in a set of devices designed to solve costly and common household issues.

A “scene control pad” allows homeowners to manage all their lights connected to smart switches from one centralized location and adjust lighting across different parts of the house to instantly create ambiance or reduce energy consumption by ensuring lights are only on when needed.

An environmental monitor that displays the home's internal conditions, such as temperature and humidity levels, is also included to maintain indoor air quality and freshness and prevent issues like mould growth.

Anyone who has paid for the damage of an accidental water leak will understand the value of water leakage monitors. Included in the home price, these are placed near hot water tanks, washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, or other sources of potential leaks. They alert homeowners via text message if water is detected, sending an early warning to prevent damage and expense.

O’CASA is a fitting builder for the young families expected to settle into Greystone. It offers a unique lifestyle that appeals to those focused on their health and the outdoors and reduces stress in their living environment. The town's slower pace is an antidote to the hustle of big-city living. New residents come seeking lower stress levels and raising quality of life.

Slow the hustle, breathe outside

With its community green spaces and proximity to natural landscapes around the Bow River, Greystone is an environment that supports well-being and relaxation.

Located in the scenic foothills of the Rockies, Greystone of Cochrane provides easy access to trails and river walks steps away. Mountain parks are a short drive away, drawing families into day trip activities such as hiking, skiing or weekend camping.



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